Teacups is an unusual name for a communication company, but it conveys our philosophy. At the time of the prohibition (1920-1933), the bon vivant of the era were organising tea parties, where they used elegant porcelain cups to hide their precious whiskey. Using this creative, yet cost effective way, they managed to preserve their lifestyle and joy in a society that somehow forbidden such “luxuries”.

This era, which socio-economically is reminiscent of today’s Greece, but till this day it still exudes creativity and optimism despite the adverse conditions that prevailed, inspired us for adopting the name Teacups Communication Boutique. Now that entrepreneurship is harder than ever, that every business has tried anything and sacrificed so much, here at Teacups we believe there is always room for fine tuning.

“But, Teacups?” one may still wonder… Well, just as Tea time is the unmissed daily luxury for the English and the very serious ritual for the Japanese, so is how we face each communication need at Teacups Communication Boutique and we dedicate our full attention, while using the latest tools in marketing, public relations and digital applications to help our partners develop and upgrade.

Teacups is a premium company οf 360° marketing & communication services that addresses clients who share the same passion for success having as a pillar of cooperation sincere relationships and mutual trust.