You are invited to Teacups Communication Boutique for a cup of hot (or cold) tea! Because here at Teacups we are thrilled to hear about new projects, face challenges, make plans, redefine the concepts of marketing, communication and advertising and overcome expectations.

How? Βy choosing from Teacups’ quiver the services that better meet your own goals and tailoring them to your individual needs, such as:

1.  360° Communication Strategy

12. Digital Business Consulting & Development

2.  Marketing Consulting

13. UX Analysis

3.  Public Relations

14. SEO Proof Copy

4.  Advertisement

    (Concept, Production, Copy)

5.  Digital Marketing

15. Social Media Strategy

16. Content Creation for Press, Social Media & Websites (Production & Copy)

6.  Branding & Brand Idenity

17. Newsletters

7.  Creation of Brochures & Magazines

    (Print & Digital)

18. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

8.  Packaging

19. Loyalty Programs

9. Media Planning & Media Buying

20. Staff Training

10. Events

21. Team Building

11. Website & Microsite Designing

22. Life Coaching