Teacups Communication Boutique was founded by two associates who over the years became friends; Christos Leridis and Chrisa Grigoriou.

Christos Leridis is a self-made businessman, who over the last 20 years owns the very successful company Leridis Printing Solutions, which operates a strong clientele of Greek and international brands and a highly developed portfolio of services. Known for his credibility, organizational skills and promptness, there were many of Christos’ existing customers who "demanded" more than his printing services. This demand together with his restless spirit led him to the decision of creating Teacups Communication Boutique.

Chrisa Grigoriou enjoys a 22 year old career in communication. She has worked a) in the greatest advertising agency (Bold, Ogilvy & Mother) in the field of sponsorship and creative media, b) in the most lifestyle publishing house (IMAKO) as an Advertising Manager, c) in the leading fashion Group (Lemonis Group of Companies) as a Marketing, PR & E-commerce Director and d) the most premium ice cream company (Kayak) as a Marketing & PR Director. She holds a specialization in Fashion and Public Relations and knows how to build successful brands using offline and online tools. Known for her creativity, dedication and honesty, she decided to follow the advice of her friends and associates and channel her endless energy into creating Teacups Communication Boutique.

Thanks to their long experience, Christos and Chrisa have the honor and pleasure to be surrounded by a dynamic team of profound experts in various areas of communication and digital media, with whom they share the same creative vision.